What are people saying about StratusIQ?

What People Say About StratusIQ.

We run a 100% eCommerce business and process 1000’s of orders and interact with 100’s of clients online daily across the USA. In order for us to do this confidently and successfully 24/7 it is absolutely imperative for us to have a local partner that provides the absolute best in customer service, quality products and assurance that services will not be interrupted. Due to the nature of our business, we were reaching a place where uptime, reliability, speed and redundancy were of the utmost importance. For a short time we had Comcast and Rise Broadband supplying our facility with Internet services, and despite the dual services we were constantly experiencing issues with uptime and connectivity. We knew our business was at risk and needed a solution, which prompted us to research StratusIQ. From their sales team to technicians we have had nothing but the utmost highest quality in service and deliverability. We have an absolutely lightning fast connection, our usage is not throttled, and uptime has been 100% on target without a single drop in performance against our platform. If there is ever an upgrade that StratusIQ needs to perform across the network, through their customer support team, they let us know well in advance, to ensure we know what they are doing, and when they will be doing it. Within a week of the technician installing service to our facility, I canceled the two competitor services, and have not looked back on our decision to partner solely with StratusIQ.
I do not hesitate in referring StratusIQ as the ultimate partner and service provider in the ISP arena. They check all the boxes confidently, be it customer service, technical assistance, sales team interaction – StratusIQ demonstrates why they are the leaders in Colorado Springs, this team is local, they care, and they want us to succeed and provide the tools for us to get here. I highly recommend StratusIQ – this will be the best IT decision you make, and you’ll wonder, like me why we didn’t move all our business to StratusIQ sooner!
Vic Juber

Automated Photo Technology, 2-1-21

On behalf of Balance Chiropractic I would like to say how Great our service has been with StratusIQ! They are very quick to respond to any issues and get things resolved in a timely manner. Jim is great and we have no complaints! Highly recommend! 🙂

Holly Manuel

2 days ago

Love StratusIQ! Had their service for 3 years and never once had an issue. Highly recommend!

Matt Simpson

3 weeks ago

Setup was painless and simple. I will update once the service is installed but looking good rn. Shoutout to Maya (I hope that’s how she spells her name) for helping me get started and answering all of my questions!

Jonathan Perry

2 months ago

John with Tech Support was great. Took all the time necessary to walk me through set up with a Mesh Wi Fi. Very knowledgeable, patient and considerate. Could not be more pleased with the service he provided.

Bruce Dikeman

5 months ago

The technician helped me setup my devices. I am happy with the price and network.  A lot cheaper than Xfinity and CenturyLink and less problems. No dead spots with Google mesh system I have. Fast internet. Love their customer service and no long hold times or talking to a computer.

Michael Gearhart

6 months ago

Excellent service. We have no problem with them. Really comfortable to talk to them on the phone.

Jerry Baca

6 months ago

StratusIQ is the best internet/TV/phone provider we have ever had. They have reasonable prices and the customer support is outstanding. Anytime we have a billing problem, they have been able to work it out. It is so nice to have a local company available for any issues that arise.

Darrell McClelland

7 months ago

Stratus IQ has helped our business remain “up” on a much more consistent basis since the switch over from Comcast. We enjoy fast up and down speeds and feel confident in our service. Fiber is the future!  We rely upon our Internet connection for all transactions and ordering. Even a few minutes of downtime impacts our customers and causes stress on the associates of Ace. With Stratus we have improved our service at Ace.
Sebastian and his crew did what they said they would do in the time line agreed.
And – of note for me is that Stratus IQ is local and attentive. Local is the way as a small business in the community I think we all should go with our business needs. Our Ace business is local and I know we appreciate the local small business customers and partners we have developed over the past decades. Stratus IQ is a welcomed partner in helping us continue to grow.
Darek Barnes

Barnes Ace Inc., 1-20-21

Love the experience we have had with Stratus as well as Jim who got us signed up smoothly. The technician who installed did a great job getting everything set up for us and it has been the easiest internet to use and maintain. Thank you so much for your customer service and kindness. We love working with you guys.

Brandy Conrad

a day ago

Great experience switching from CenturyLink to StratusIQ.  Jim Medrano was amazing throughout the transition and helped with things even after the switch.  Highly recommend!

Aimee Raymer

a week ago

I highly recommend getting service from StratusIQ if you have the option.  We recently turned up fiber from StratusIQ and it was so refreshing working with a company that gave us a process and timeline and they actually did exactly what they said they were going to do!  No delays, no excuses, great service and an amazing product.  Hands down, go with StratusIQ if you have the ability.

Jason Huddleston

2 weeks ago

Great customer service and technical support. Great Internet performance and reliability. Hands down, best Internet service provider I have had.

Chris Roszak

5 months ago

Updating my review based on recent interactions with customer service (was 2 stars, bumping to 4). I have been having issues with diminishing service over time (particularly with upload speeds) to my house. As a work-from-home individual, my connection is critical and the reason I moved to this location in Colorado Springs (to benefit from fiber service). Since my initial review and service requests, the team taken pretty swift action to resolve my concerns and also informing me that the contract for residential service isn’t a “service level agreement.” Keep in mind this means they only guarantee you “up to 1gb” of download, not over and above that. I am going to leave this review at 4 stars for now while I test out these resolutions going forward. I will actively update in a few weeks. Thanks for the help, Sebastian.

Kevin Michael Johnson

6 months ago

Great Customer Service for sure great company to have as your carrier.

Robert Barnes

6 months ago

Called to inquire about starting up a new business plan, got Jim on the phone. I’m leaving this review because even though he wasn’t able to service the area the man took the time to still give me a few tips and tricks as I was shopping around. Not something you’ll ever get from the big box places, and I appreciated it. Thanks Jim!

Eric Councill

7 months ago

We offer a fast, reliable and secure connection.


We offer faster speeds for everyone in your home. With our fast, reliable, and secure transport of your data, it’s easy to get the right connection for your home and all you do.


StratusIQ’s network is meticulously designed, and we are proud to be able to provide our customers consistent uptime of 99.99%. Never worry about the Internet going down again.


Fiber optic Internet is the most secure Internet connection on the market. Data is transmitted through fiber via light pulses whereas antiquated copper networks transmit your data via electro-magnetic waves over coax or twisted pair connections. Fiber cannot be tapped into unlike copper connections.

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