Voice messaging records messages when your line is busy, or you do not answer the phone. There is no additional equipment and messages are recorded even if the electricity is off. Multiple messages can be taken simultaneously, and callers never hear a busy signal. You can even retrieve messages when away from home.

Setting Up Your Voicemail

There are two options when setting up and retrieving your messages:

  1. Call your own telephone number and wait for the voicemail message to play. While the message is playing, press * then wait for the password prompt to enter your temporary password (the last 6 digits of your telephone number), then follow the system prompts.
  2. Call the voice messaging system number from any phone, 559-MAIL (559-6245), and listen to the voice messaging system directions for initializing your mailbox and to personalize your greeting. When prompted, enter # – your mailbox number provided to you – #. If you do not know your mailbox number, please contact Customer Care. Enter your temporary password of 1234 (or the last 6 digits of your telephone number), then follow the system prompts.

Retrieving Messages

To enter the system: Call the voice messaging system number: 559-MAIL (6245) When the system greets you, press #, enter your 10-digit phone number, then press # and wait for the password prompt. Enter the password you have assigned to this number. Follow voice messaging system directions.

Note: you may access your voicemail from any phone by dialing 559-MAIL. You do not have to call from your home phone.

Voicemail Shortcuts

Dial the telephone number the voice messaging is assigned to. When you hear the greeting, press * then enter the password. Follow voice messaging system directions

Main Menu
1 Listen to messages
2 Send a message
3 Locate a message
4 Personal options
5 Restart
6 Place a call
* Exit voice messaging

Listen to Messages
1 New messages
2 All messages
0 Help

Review Messages
1 Review message
2 Save message
3 Forward
33 Forward to end of message
4 Replay message
5 Envelope information
6 Forward  message with an introduction
66 Forward message without introduction
7 Erase message (press 33 to fast forward to the end of message)
8 Reply by voice messaging
88 Place a call
9 Save message
* Return to main menu
# Skip this message

For further menu options, please follow the voice messaging system directions. If you have any questions about your voice messaging, please contact Customer Care.