Service Call Policy

To keep subscriber rates low, while providing prompt service and support, customers will be required to pay a service charge when StratusIQ dispatches a technician to a residence or business for issues that are not StratusIQ’s responsibility.

Items that are typically covered in a service call includes Internet demarcation equipment, TV equipment, cabling, and anything else deemed the property or responsibility of StratusIQ.

Items that are typically not covered in a service call include customer owned computers, routers, switches, telephones, cellular equipment, caller ID boxes, fax machines, answering machines, television sets, VCR & DVD players, or in home wiring and other home networking equipment.

In the event a subscriber requires an in-house visit to resolve an issue determined not to be the responsibility of StratusIQ, an $85 service charge will apply or a $150 service charge for after hours.

StratusIQ continues to offer expert phone support by calling (719) 573-5343, through email, and onsite support (when required) for issues related directly to StratusIQ’s products and services.

Revised 04-15-2021