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General Information

StratusIQ telephone services connect to the public switched telephone network with a local switch located here in Colorado Springs. Your service includes Enhanced 911 (E911) emergency services, as well as personal service from our local support personnel. In addition to the ability to place and receive local and long distance calls, you may have various features set up on your phone line. For details on how to use the features, see the instructions below. For information on which features are set up for your line, or to add, change, or remove features, please contact Customer Care.

Caller ID

Caller ID allows you to know who’s calling before you pick up the phone. You must have a Caller ID compatible phone to utilize Caller ID. When you receive a call, wait for one full ring then check your Caller ID unit for the name and phone number associated with the incoming call. Caller ID works only for direct-dialed calls between phone lines that have the service capability. The name displayed is based on the listing in the telephone directory database.

Call Waiting

Call Waiting notifies you of incoming calls and works with your Caller ID service to also display the phone number and name of incoming callers, even when you’re on the other line. When you are on the telephone, a special tone signals that another call is on the line. The calling party name and number, if available, will also display on a compatible Call Waiting ID phone. When you hear the tone, you can put the current caller on hold while taking the incoming call, then put that person on hold to go back to the original caller. To answer the second call, or alternate between calls press the flash button.

To avoid interruption of a call you want to place, press *70 to turn off Call Waiting before placing your call. Now you can avoid interruptions during your conversation. Call Waiting will automatically turn back on after you complete your call. (To remove Call Waiting from your service, contact Customer Care.) Call Waiting ID will not work if you’re on a 3-way call. Incoming callers will be sent to your voicemail.


To retrieve your messages while not at home, please call our office for instructions on accessing your voicemail remotely. Dial your home number, when you hear the greeting press * and then enter your password (temporary password is last 4 digits of your phone number), then follow the voice messaging system directions.

If you’d like to have your voicemails sent to you attached in an email, call our office for help. If you have any questions about voice messaging, or any of our services please contact Customer Care.

Click here for detailed instructions on How to Use Your Voicemail

More Information

All of StratusIQ’s phone services are provided by our own Lucent telephone switch located right here in Colorado Springs. This means you get the reliability you need at a price you can afford! You can keep your current local phone number. Every StratusIQ customer receives Enhanced 911 (E911) emergency services, as well as personal service from our local support personnel.

StratusIQ’s phone service includes all call features available to you (based on equipment and infrastructure), and 500 minutes of free long distance per month. Choose from the following:

    • Caller ID
    • Call Waiting
    • Call Waiting ID
    • 3-Way Calling
    • Call Forwarding
    • Call Rejection
    • Voicemail


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