StratusIQ’s Fiber-to-the-Home

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Colorado Springs Fiber InternetFiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) is the most advanced communications infrastructure available today. Fiber optic lines comprise the Internet backbone connecting all major cities and even connecting continents by lines laid across the oceans. FTTH extends the Internet Fiber Backbone directly to the property where services are being delivered.

The best infrastructure available translates into better and more reliable services for customers. From the sheer unmatched data capacity of fiber, to its resilience to corrosion and inability to conduct electricity, every aspect of FTTH contributes to a better customer experience.

These are the advantages of fiber:

  • Higher data rates
  • Greater distances
  • Does not corrode
  • Unaffected by lightning
  • Immune to electromagnetic interference
  • No fire hazard and no chance of electrical shock
  • Smaller and lighter
  • More secure
  • Advanced monitoring and troubleshooting

In the Community

Communities want the best infrastructure, so they can receive the best services and attract investment for economic growth. In today’s information age, a community’s communication infrastructure is just as important as its roads and electrical infrastructure. People want to purchase homes where they can telecommute, receive online services, and where their children’s school is connected to online resources. Businesses need more and more online services as well, but they also need a technological workforce who is connected at school and home. A fiber infrastructure helps promote economic development because it provides homes, schools, libraries, government buildings, and businesses access to the best communications infrastructure available.


Consumer demand for bandwidth continues to increase exponentially year after year. Fiber Fast Internet Colorado SpringsFTTP is the infrastructure that can meet that demand today and into the future. The United States is actually falling further behind countries like Japan and Korea in FTTP deployments because there is an existing copper infrastructure that is protected by large corporations and is still able to meet most needs. Worldwide fiber is seen as the gateway that will enable innovation of new products and services, and the United States needs to stay competitive in this innovation. StratusIQ is deploying the FTTP system that will keep pace with future bandwidth demand and service innovation, throughout Colorado Springs and beyond.

Planned Communities

Developers and builders coordinate with StratusIQ so FTTP can be a part of their product. Coordination brings better value and a better overall experience for customers, and FTTP increases the value of their investment. Contact us today to discuss if we can bring FTTP to your next development.