Community Sign for High Forest Ranch


February 5, 2020

Colorado Springs, CO – StratusIQ, the largest local provider of fiber Internet service, announces completion of their latest fiber Internet expansion to the community of High Forest Ranch.   Completion of the fiber build brings Gigabit speed Fiber-to-the-Home Internet service to the subdivision.

The High Forest Ranch Homeowner’s Association (HOA) established a committee and began searching for a better Internet provider in early 2019.  They searched for qualified and interested vendors to install and service Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) Internet service to their subdivision.  In June of 2019, the High Forest Ranch HOA Board of Directors unanimously selected StratusIQ as a partner at a special board meeting.   The decision was further ratified by a resident vote on July 9, 2019.  “Our residents were very frustrated with the very poor Internet service in our neighborhood and the previous lack of options for improved service. We are thrilled that StratusIQ has completed the project and we can finally have reliable, high speed Internet connectivity”, stated HOA President Jeanette Bachmann.

Construction activity in the development began in August of 2019 and included over 40,000 feet of Distribution fiber throughout the subdivision.  The project also included construction of over 18,000 feet of Transmission fiber to tie the subdivision into the existing StratusIQ fiber network.  Construction of the Distribution portion was completed in December of 2019 despite above average snowfall for the area in October and November.  The Transmission portion of the fiber build was completed in January of 2020 and Fiber-to-the-Home activations are currently underway.

“This was a large fiber build and we are happy to provide the residents of High Forest Ranch access to the Gigabit Internet service that they have been anxiously waiting for,”  said Sebastian Nutter, Director of Sales and Marketing for StratusIQ,  “We’re also very excited about the launch of our Stratus-phere Smart WIFI Service in coordination with the activation of High Forest Ranch.”  Nutter added.




November 7, 2019

Altitude Sports is pleased to announce that StratusIQ customers are now able to stream Altitude Sports through the AltitudeNOW app at no additional cost. With AltitudeNOW, StratusIQ customers can watch Denver Nuggets, Colorado Avalanche and Colorado Rapids games as well as additional programming on the go via their iOS or Android mobile devices.

AltitudeNOW is the official live streaming service of Altitude Sports. Users can also stream live games by visiting StratusIQ joins DirecTV, Century Link Prism and Rye Telephone (RTC) as TV providers available on AltitudeNOW with more expected to be added soon.

Seen in more than 2.5 million homes in a 10 state territory, Altitude is the television home of the Denver Nuggets, Colorado Avalanche, Colorado Mammoth, Colorado Rapids, Denver Outlaws, University of Denver sports (including hockey, basketball, soccer, volleyball, gymnastics and lacrosse), University of Colorado and Air Force Academy weekly shows, CHSAA High School Football Game of the Week, as well as other local and regional sports, entertainment and public service programming. A full list of Altitude programming and other information can be found at




October 31, 2019

NCTC Offers Advanced Video Platforms

NCTC offers our members access to advanced video platforms to provide affordable, turnkey solutions to meet subscribers’ demand for greater flexibility and choice in video content. Read how member operator StratusIQ used NCTC’s VU-IT! platform, powered by TiVo, to drive their rebranding effort and to reduce video churn

StratusIQ, an NCTC member operator based in Colorado has always been mission-driven. The company began as Falcon Broadband, a point-to-point wireless Internet service provider (WISP) that set out to deliver better Internet service to an unincorporated crossroad area east of Colorado Springs commonly known as “Falcon.” In 2007 Falcon Broadband completed its first fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) deployment and has only built FTTH infrastructure since. By 2009 the WISP business was sold, and the company focused on providing better quality service in their FTTH deployments.

Though the company enjoyed great online reviews and a solid reputation, its market intelligence showed that thousands of customers still did not associate Falcon Broadband with fiber, and thought it only delivered service in Falcon. This perception hampered Falcon Broadband’s efforts to sell high-speed broadband and pay-TV services. “All we had built for a decade was fiber, but there were still thousands of residents who thought we were delivering a WISP service only in the Falcon area,” said Ben Kley, President and General Manager. Despite winning some key RFP’s like the city of Colorado Springs and a large school district, area businesses, and IT pros didn’t view Falcon Broadband as a facilities-based fiber provider. On the pay-TV front, Kley knew they had some catching up to do. “We had also waited too long to migrate out of an analog video platform and had been lagging the market in our set-top box technology,” Kley said.

VU-IT! Powered by TiVo Drives Service Improvement Effort

Falcon Broadband set out to improve the quality of its pay-TV offering and to launch a new 1Gbps residential broadband service. The company chose NCTC’s VU-IT! platform, powered by TiVo, to give its video customers a best-in-class user experience. Like many smaller operators, Falcon Broadband didn’t have in-house product development or video engineering staff to create a new service offering out of thin air, so NCTC’s VU-IT! / TiVo platform gave it a great head start on remaking its pay-TV offering. “The TiVo name is well-known and has a good reputation. Offering a well-known brand helps smaller operators gain credibility with consumers,” said Kley.

Rebranding: New Products and Services + New Identity

When Falcon Broadband’s leaders were crafting their launch plans, they realized it was also the perfect time to rebrand the company.  “The rebrand was needed to drive awareness of our services with the general public.  We do fiber Internet and we provide the best value in communication and entertainment. Some companies rebrand to get rid of a bad online profile, but we had great online reviews from customers that we had worked very hard to build.  We wanted to retain those positive parts of our identity through Google, Facebook, and the Better Business Bureau,” Kley said

Falcon Broadband Becomes StratusIQ

To accomplish the rebranding of the company, StratusIQ engaged a local marketing firm to coordinate changing the company’s online brand through all the commonly used digital platforms. This effort was essential to get the new brand identity, StratusIQ – Fiber Internet to take hold. “It was easier than we thought it would be. We started calling ourselves by our new name, we released our new brand assets and created a new mission statement. We also made sure we got our employees on board,” said Kley. “As much as it was important to bring new products to our customers, it was also important for our staff to take pride in the new offerings that came with the name change.  That’s what kept us from falling into the trap of being a ‘new name but everything the same.’  The new products inspired the staff to make additional positive changes.”

NCTC also provided support to help StratusIQ launch VU-IT!. “The NCTC team helped us through repackaging our channel lineups and organizing our products for moving from analog to all-digital in the headend.  These were the behind-the-scenes changes that were required to get to a point where we could move to the new TiVo platform,” said Kley.

A year after the VU-IT! launch, StratusIQ has seen positive changes in its video subscriber base. The company has increased overall customer ARPU by 9.7 percent in one year. It’s also seen a five percent increase in overall video subscribers and increased customer satisfaction.

On the heels of its successful VU-IT! launch, StratusIQ has plans to leverage another NCTC offering to drive further market expansion. In 2019, the company expanded into five additional communities and two MDU developments. In 2020 they are targeting both MDUs as well as additional large lot communities.  As it continues to expand, StratusIQ is planning to offer Plume’s premium Wi-Fi service to continue its mission of offering the best value in communications and entertainment.


New Fiber Internet High Forest Ranch


August 19, 2019

Colorado Springs, CO – StratusIQ, the largest local provider of fiber Internet service, announces their latest fiber Internet expansion to the homes of High Forest Ranch.  The High Forest Ranch Homeowners Association (HOA) Board of Directors unanimously selected StratusIQ at a special board meeting on Friday June 14, 2019.  The decision was further ratified by a resident vote on July 9, 2019.  Construction is underway now with the first homes to be connected in late fall.

“In the board’s evaluation, StratusIQ was superior to other bids on cost, schedule, technical solution and experience.” Said HOA Treasurer Gene Mills.  “We were impressed with their track record of successful fiber projects and are extremely happy to be partnering with StratusIQ on our high-speed Internet project.” Mills continued.  Additional fiber expansion projects that StratusIQ has underway include Enchanted Springs Apartments, Enclaves at Mountain Vista and Patriot Park developments.

“We are pleased that High Forest Ranch has decided to partner with StratusIQ to bring their residents Gig speed fiber Internet, digital telephone and full featured TV,” said Ben Kley, President of StratusIQ.

Kley continued, “Building on our success in nearby Cathedral Pines and Abert Estates, High Forest Ranch will be the latest community to join our Gig fiber network.”   Along with local customer service, StratusIQ focuses on value, quality and reliability with their fiber network.