Navigating the Potential Impact: ACP Funding Uncertainty
Ben Kley KOAA ACP Interview

At StratusIQ, we find it essential to address the unfolding situation surrounding the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) and its potential impact on our valued customers. Launched at the end of 2021, the ACP has been a cornerstone in providing free internet access to qualifying individuals. However, with Congress yet to approve the necessary funding extension beyond April, there is a looming uncertainty for approximately 2% of our own residential customers and up to 250,000 Coloradans who may lose their low-cost or free internet services.

Ben Kley, our President, acknowledges the significance of the ACP and expresses concern about its uncertain future in a recent interview with KOAA. Particularly, those residing in subsidized or transitional housing, including veterans or individuals exiting homelessness, heavily rely on this program for essential tasks like job applications and housing searches.

“It’s unfortunate that it’s going away; we hope that Congress will act and keep that program in place because it’s important,” said Kley.

The potential discontinuation of the ACP raises concerns not only for affected customers but also for facilities like Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center in Colorado Springs. Currently, about 20% of veterans served depend on internet access for medical appointments. If the ACP ceases to exist, we anticipate an increase in the number of veterans seeking free Wi-Fi services at such facilities.

As a company, we are proactively reaching out to our customers, notifying them of potential impacts on their bills, and advising on alternative federal programs. Additionally, we are exploring flexible options for customers to transition to less expensive internet service plans, ensuring they can continue to stay connected.

The impact extends beyond bills; it is about ensuring that our customers maintain access to the crucial services that the internet provides. Bob McLaughlin, the executive director of Mt. Carmel, highlights the significance of internet access, stating, “The ability to arm people with this [internet access] equipment and give them access to that could be life-altering.”

At StratusIQ, our commitment is unwavering. As we navigate these challenges alongside our customers, we pledge to keep them informed, supported, and connected. Stay tuned for updates and guidance as we collectively await Congress’s decision on ACP funding.


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