How to Use Your FIBER TV

StratusIQ Fiber TV.

StratusIQ Fiber TV is brought to you through our StratusIQ TV app which allows us to offer our video service on streaming devices, smart TV devices, and mobile devices. Bring your own device or utilize our new set-top box.

Kaon Box

If using the Kaon box, the StratusIQ Fiber TV App should be installed already. Navigate to and sign into the StratusIQ TV App.

  1. Use the email address and password that was provided by the Technician.
  2. The app loads the main menu and a live channel at first, but the menu will disappear by itself after a few seconds.
  3. You can access the live channel guide by selecting “Guide” on the remote control for the Kaon box.
  4. You can access the main menu by pressing the Back button on the remote.
  5. From the main menu, you can select “Home”, “Guide”, “Shows”, “Movies”, Recordings, and Search.
  6. Recording shows: You can set a show to record by pressing the record button on the remote after selecting the desired program to record from the guide:
  7. You can exit the app and return to the home screen of the Kaon box by pressing the button that looks like a house. This will allow you to access other apps through the kaon box such as Netflix.

Other ways to watch StratusIQ Fiber TV.

  • AirTV player
  • AT&Ttv
  • Epson Epiqvision
  • nVidia ShieldTV
  • mi TV stick
  • Amazon Fire stick
  • Apple TV Chromecast

Compatible Smart TVs.

  • AndroidTV
  • Hisense*
  • Philips
  • Sharp
  • Skyworth
  • Sony
  • TCL*
  • Seiki Svision

*Note: Some manufacturers such as TCL and Hisense also make Roku TVs. It will not work if it is a Roku TV