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What services does StratusIQ offer?

Internet, phone and television services in Colorado Springs and El Paso County

Are there data caps or speed throttling?
 No!  StratusIQ never caps your data or throttles your speed for any reason.
Is my service with StratusIQ a true fiber connection?
All of our Fiber-to-the-Home and Fiber-to-the-Business customers are 100% connected to our network via fiber.
How reliable is service with StratusIQ?
StratusIQ’s network is designed for 99.99% uptime.  This means you can expect maximum Internet reliability that can only be delivered via fiber infrastructure.
When will StratusIQ Internet be available in my area?
StratusIQ is constantly expanding our service area.  To see if we currently service your home or are expanding into your area soon please use the following link to our service areas: StratusIQ Zones
What speeds am I getting?
To check your Internet speeds with StratusIQ go to: and select StratusIQ as the server.  Please make sure that your device is connected to your router via an ethernet cable to get the most accurate test results.
What about net neutrality?
StratusIQ is completely net neutral, meaning that although we are not legally bound to do so, we do not prioritize or discriminate against specific web services.
How do I use my Stratus-phere WiFi?
You can access the user guide for our Stratusphere managed Wifi here: Stratus-sphere Plume Guide
Can I get a Static IP address?
Yes!  StratusIQ tech support can set up a static IP address for you by calling (719) 573-5343
What channels do you offer?

To view StratusIQ’s channel lineup please use this link: Channel Lineup

How do I set up watchTVeverywhere?
To set up watchTVeverywhere please use the following link: watchTVeverywhere
How do I reset my Internet equipment?

There are multiple scenarios that may require a reset of your Internet equipment at home.

Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) customers – The gateway on the outside of the house must be looked at remotely and rebooted remotely by our tech support, please call 719-5737-5343.  If your in-home router need to be reset, see router section below:

Cable modem customers – The power adapter can be unplugged from the modem or from the AC outlet.  Wait 15 seconds and plug it back in. Allow another 15 seconds for the modem to negotiate an IP address and verify the lights on the modem. Make sure the STANDBY light is NOT on. Push the Standby button on top of the modem to turn it off.

DSL modem customers – The power adapter can be unplugged from the modem or from the AC outlet.  Wait 15 seconds and plug it back in. Allow another 15 seconds for the modem to negotiate an IP address and verify the lights on the modem.

To reset a router the power adapter can be unplugged from the router or from the AC outlet. Wait 15 seconds and plug it back in. Connection from the router to our service can be validated by the light on the Internet or WAN port on the router. It is also a good practice to re-seat the network cables to the same ports they were plugged into and verify the connection’s return with the lights for each router port.

How do I avoid a paper bill fee?
There is a true cost associated with printing and mailing paper bills. Most StratusIQ customers prefer the convenience of registering with our online bill pay system which allows them to receive an email notice when their bill is ready to be viewed. They can then log in to pay each month or set their account to pay automatically. Bills can always be printed from the online system.

If you’d like to set up online bill pay, please contact us at (719) 573-5343 at your convenience and we will provide you with a security code to initiate account setup. Once you have registered your account online, the paper bill fee can be removed from your monthly recurring charges.

How do I setup online payment? Where do I get the security code?
You can set up online payment once you’ve received your first bill by going to the following link:


Contact StratusIQ at (719) 573-5343 to obtain this security code.

What is a service drop?
Service drops are required to bring Internet service across personal property to the home.  Planned communities may have conduit installed by the builders for this purpose.  Rural properties or custom built homes may not.  StratusIQ extends 125 feet of service drop to any home at our cost.  Service drops extending beyond 125 feet are billed to the customer at $1.50/ft.  This is similar to the charges from the power company to run a separate power drop to a garage or shed on private property.
How do I run multiple devices like an Xbox, PC and a laptop at the same time?
 Multiple devices can access your Internet service either through an ethernet cable to a router or by suing your Wifi network.  Switches or routers configured in bridge mode are not to be used. If you are unsure, please contact our customer support at (719) 573-5343.
How do I set up a home router?
 StratusIQ suggests retaining the reference manual that came with your router. In general, the ethernet cable from the StratusIQ service plugs into the WAN or INTERNET port on the router. The router must be configured for DHCP. Ports 1-4 on the router can run additional ethernet cables directly to devices or to wall jacks throughout the home. Wireless router configuration must be done by the router owner. WPA or WPA2 security is recommended.
How do I access my StratusIQ email on the web?
Go to:

If you do not know your password or get locked out you must contact StratusIQ technical support at (719) 573-5343.

How do I setup my StratusIQ email on my phone or computer?

There are multiple email clients available but the settings are usually very similar. These are the settings to be used in all programs but the programs may use different titles. In Outlook these settings are found under TOOLS – ACCOUNT SETTING – double click on account or create new.

Name = Your Name

Email Address = Your full email (

Account Type = iMAP

Incoming Mail Server =

Incoming Server Port  = iMAP – 993

Outgoing Mail Server =

Outgoing Server Port  = 465

Outgoing server (SMTP) Requires Authentication = “use same as incoming server”

What are the Local Broadcast Fee and Regional Sports Fee?
Years ago the FCC required all local broadcasters to convert to an all-digital system to create more spectrum space in the airwaves for cell phone communication and 5G.  The transition was very expensive so the FCC allowed the local broadcasters to charge Cable Systems for distributing their channel, even though they are free to consumers over the airwaves.  Those fees from local broadcasters have since skyrocketed forcing prices of TV packages to increase.  The Local Broadcast Fee is required to offset those cost increases without changing the package prices. StratusIQ charges a very low Local Broadcast Fee that is about half of what other providers charge.

In recent years sports teams have given TV broadcasting rights to regional sports channels instead of to the local broadcasters.  In Colorado you can not view the Nuggets, Avalanche or Rockies on the local broadcast stations.  These TV rights are given to specific Regional Sports Channels which are very expensive for Cable Systems to distribute.  The Regional Sports Fee is required to offset those costs without changing the package prices. StratusIQ charges a very low Regional Sport Fee that is about half of what other providers charge.

How do I request additional channels or programming?
 Channel programming is an ever-changing aspect of our business and is mostly controlled by the content providers through their contract demands. Most of StratusIQ’s programming comes from content providers that have contracts with the National Cable Television Cooperative (NCTC) of which we are members. StratusIQ is always listening to our customers requests and constantly reviewing opportunities to expand or opt into additional programming contracts. StratusIQ welcomes you to contact us through our online forms so we include your preferences in our decisions.
What do I do if my set top box is not working?
Sometimes set top box issues can be resolved quickly by our tech support where they use remote commands. StratusIQ’s goal is to always want to attempt these methods before dispatching or having you come to our office to swap the box. Please contact us by calling (719) 573-5343 for technical support or submit a support ticket.
Why do I need to set up CPNI security questions?
The FCC has established rules regarding CPNI information which includes any core information that we have on file about our customers, their accounts, and their bills. We ask customers to establish CPNI security questions to ensure the privacy of information in their telecommunications account.
I’m trying to connect to my Network and it’s asking for my router pin?
If you get a message on your screen when trying to connect to your StratusIQ Network that asks for your 8-digit PIN from the router display, then please select “Connect using a security key instead” to be able to type in the wifi password. 
What is the Service Protection Surcharge?
The Service Protection Surcharge is designed to provide you with peace of mind and uninterrupted connectivity and covers:

  1. In-Home Equipment Protection: We understand that accidents happen, which is why we offer coverage for any StratusIQ owned in-home Internet equipment. Whether it’s a damaged modem, router, or other essential devices provided by StratusIQ, we’ve got you covered for repair or replacement costs.
  2. Service Drop Damage Coverage: This service extends its protection to the vital infrastructure that connects your home to the Internet. In the event of accidental service drop damage, such as cuts, breaks, or environmental factors, our coverage ensures a swift resolution to restore your connection promptly.
  3. Priority Service and Response: We understand the importance of Internet uptime.  In the event of service drop damage or equipment damage StratusIQ commits to resolution in two business days or less so that you’re back online as soon as possible.

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