Unified Communications Solutions for Businesses.

UCaaS and VoIP Services.

Our Unified Communications Solutions (UCaaS) provide so much more than just VoIP phone service.  From eFax to HD video conferencing to SMS texting from a PC to your clients, StratusIQ has all of your communications covered and more.  

We also have trunking solutions for traditional or Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) PBXs. We provide DID’s together with either traditional PRI circuits or with SIP Trunks. SIP trunking allows businesses to save on circuit costs by leveraging a reliable Internet connection to provide their phone lines over the Internet Protocol.

Our Fiber-To-The-Premises infrastructure with QOS is a great catalyst for a SIP Trunking solution. When coupling our Internet with our SIP Trunks, your voice traffic never leaves Colorado Springs for the best performance.

We build customized solutions to fit your needs by offering following services:

  • SIP Trunks for connectivity to VoIP PBX’s
  • All VoIP products utilize QOS to ensure call quality
  • StratusIQ’s hosted PBX maintains your service for you. You no longer need to support your current system with a support contract.
  • PRI services for legacy PBXs
  • Long Distance Service Included
  • Number Porting from your current provider
  • DID’s which allow your team to have their own incoming telephone number
  • Dynamic and time of day call routing. This allows your business to operate anywhere! From home, a hotel room or even a cell phone!  A great feature for disaster recovery and business continuity.

See what you can achieve with Fiber Internet from StratusIQ.

StratusIQ is El Paso County’s premier Internet Service Provider. We are locally owned and operated and were founded in 2003 with the sole focus of building a better fiber network. StratusIQ’s wholly owned Fiber-to-the-Premises network brings high-speed Internet, voice, and TV service to the greater Colorado Springs area.

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