You’ll never go back to business as usual.

When it comes to your business Internet, the choice is simple: Fiber. Why? Because time is money. Whether you are a startup or a large operation, your Internet is a crucial part of day-to-day productivity. That is why StratusIQ saves you both.

No pricing gimmicks or surprises. Just honest, transparent, local service and support when you need it.

Enterprise Solutions

Through our wholly owned fiber network, StratusIQ is able to deliver Enterprise level services.  We specialize in private VLANs, point to point connections, private WAN rings, wholesale bandwidth and dedicated Internet access with service level agreements.

Unified Communications Solutions

Our Unified Communications Solutions provide so much more than just VoIP phone service.  From eFax to HD video conferencing to SMS texting, StratusIQ has all of your communications covered and more. 

Fiber to the Premises

FTTP or Fiber-to-the-Premises, is the most advanced communications infrastructure today. StratusIQ’s business fiber availability in Colorado Springs is unmatched.

Fiber Routes

Our network does not consist of leased lines from other carriers. We own our extensive fiber network which has physically diverse fiber routes that run from downtown Colorado Springs and extends as a figure 8 across the city.  We are expanding this network every day.