Commercial and Business Data Solutions

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StratusIQ offers commercial and business data solutions for a variety of business types—from the corporate home office user to storefront businesses, and from home-based entrepreneurs to enterprise data centers and disaster recovery centers. We offer asymmetrical shared bandwidth plans along with symmetrical dedicated Internet access.

StratusIQ’s Internet portal relies on BGP protocol to choose the best routes between multiple different Tier 1 providers. This means that we don’t just rely on one provider that takes all traffic straight to Denver. Our customers get the best reliability because we use multiple providers out of Colorado Springs, and they experience the best performance because their traffic chooses the best routes.

Within Colorado Springs our network is not comprised of leased lines from other carriers. We own our extensive fiber network which has diverse fiber routes from 102 S. Tejon extending as a figure 8 across the city before servicing customers with a Fiber-To-The-Premises distribution system.

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